Real time shelf life indicator

Real time shelf life indicator – securing food quality and reducing food waste

We are glad that we have been able to find a tight collaboration with the producer of Keep-it indicators. Tailor-made freshness-indicators that enhance the quality of the product you offer, and equaly reduce foodwaste, sometimes even up to 60%







Tailor made

  • Each Keep-it has a specific shelf life profile tailor made and developed for each product group based on microbiological tests
  • Keep-it has developed indicators for several product groups (chilled, freeze-thaw, frozen)

Attached at production line

  • The indicator is attached to the food package at the end of the production line (labelling area)
  • Keep-it applicators designed, built and sold by Keep-it

Indication of actual shelf life

  • Keep-it shows actual shelf life of the product in real time – based on the temperature the product is exposed to over time
  • Securing food quality and reducing food waste