Privacy Statement Across-Consult    

1 General

Across-consult sagl, hereinafter referred to as Across-consult, respects the privacy of each person who visits our website, or gets in contact with us in any other way. Now we would like to inform you of the type of data collected by Across-consult and how they are used. You will also learn how you can check the accuracy of this information and arrange for the deletion of these data by Across-consult. Data are collected, processed and used in conformity with the data protection regulations of the country in which the responsible data processing department is located. We take any action required to ensure compliance.

2 Collection, use and processing of personal data

We collect data relating to a specific person for processing and usage purposes only, if you voluntarily decide to enter the data or expressly give your consent thereto. By doing so, you accept the following terms of use.

If you voluntarily supply us with personal-related data, we shall not use, process or transfer these data beyond the limits permitted by statute or defined by yourself in your declaration of consent. Furthermore, we will transfer your data only, if we are obliged to do so by official or court orders.

Any changes to this Privacy Statement will be published on the website. This enables you to inform yourself at any time about which data we are storing and how we collect and use such data.

3 Security

Across-consult will store your data safely and, therefore, take all precautionary measures to protect your data against loss, abuse or changes. Contractual partners of Across-consult who have access to your data in order to provide services to you on behalf of Across-consult are contractually obliged to keep such information in confidence and may not use these data for any other purpose. In some cases, it will be necessary that we transfer your inquiries to affiliated companies of Across-consult. Also in these cases your data will be treated confidential.

4 Person-related Data of Children

Across-consult does not wish to collect data on children.

5 Your Wishes and Queries / Data Protection Officer

Stored data will be deleted by Across-consult upon expiration of the statutory or contractual filing period or if Across-consult no longer requires the same. At any time, you may, of course, ask for the deletion of your data. You are also entitled at any time to revoke your consent to the use or processing of your person-related data with future effect. In these cases, or if you have any other wishes in connection with your person-related data, please send an e-mail or a letter (addresses can be found on the website)

Please also contact us this way, if you would like to know whether we have collected data about you and, if so, which data. We shall endeavor to comply with your wish immediately.

6 Public Register of Processing

(1) Name of the responsible entity:

Across-consult Sagl

(2) Personally liable partner / Management Board

Peter Stael

(3) Address of the responsible entity:

Via Cassinone 3, 6998 Monteggio, Switzerland

(4) Intended purpose of data collection, processing or use:

The object of the corporation is consultancy on and supply of products related to packaging, marketing, product-enhancement or business-enhancement. The corporation may acquire domestic and foreign companies of all kinds or participate in them and do any business and action which is conducive to the objects of the corporation.

(5) Description of the groups of persons affected and the respective data or data categories:

Data relating to customers, employees, pensioners, employees of affiliated companies, employees of external companies (subcontractors), leasing personnel, job applicants, external inventors or heirs, respectively, suppliers and service-providers, external customers, visitors to the corporations site, investors as well as financial analysts and shareholders – insofar as necessary for fulfilling the purposes specified under (4).

(6) Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data may be disclosed notified:

Public authorities, in case of legally binding hereto.

(7) Regular periods for deletion of the data:

Data are deleted if the purposes specified in (4) have ceased to exist.

(8) Planned data transfer to third countries:




Monteggio, Switzerland, 24.05.2018