Obtained Certification ISO9001: 

Engineering, design, consultancy and commercialising of all types of packaging, in particular, but not exclusively, in the field of food packaging


Sourcing Mask-Making Machine for Farma-consult, Switzerland. There we go: on the road to Europe within 5 days


Problem-solving in China, despite lock-down due to Covid-19


Matching colours for our client



Realised Busines-enhancement Project in Support of Martorana Snacks, UK



New design for labels for sauce-products, Go-tan, Netherlands

Procurement of recyclable packaging for small packaging of marmelade for Rigoni di Asiago, Italy


Prototype of interactive toy on behalf of Pea Promoplast, Italy



Procurement of Gold- & Silver Alu/Paper-Laminates on behalf of Hazelbrook, Ireland



Product-development on Heavy Duty, Shaped Bags for Chestnut Purea on behalf of Vanini, Switzerland



Developed Website & Logo for Brand My Dear Chef, on behalf of TG Professional, Italy







Designed and Constructing a Technical Prototype for Interactive Toys  on behalf of Pea Promoplast, Italy







Conducted several Printsessions in Canada & Italy on behalf of Goody, Saudi Arabia



Created a Business-development Project in Europe on behalf of Kitco, Dubai