Mock-ups: Cofique Drip Coffee

Coffee-beans from 3 different countries, toasted in Malaysia, to be filled in 3 different sachets; 5 sachets per carton. That was the job for Cofique Drip Coffee. A real international collaboratione between Malaysia, UAE, Saud-Arabia, Italy and Switzerland. Customer satisfied!

Easy Open Sachet

Ever tried to open a sachet of mayonaise, ketchup or mustard? Or a sachet with soap, whilst having your hands wet?

This is the solution, developed for everyone who encountered this problem. Easy Open, just a small ‘click’ and your product pours out; keeping your hand clean.

Easy Open Monodose – Eng2

Protection of Original Spare-Parts

Counterfeiting of spare parts for machinery is not only a high cost for the company that produced the machine, but can also be very risk for any company that bought the machine, and maybe receives not genuine material. Imagine the costs for a machine that does not perform, due to a wrong spare part

Please find this short video and see how we can help you protection you:


Anti-Counterfeiting is an important aspect in our now globalised world. We are honoured to be able to present a high performing solution through our partner Starcke Oy, from Finland.

The Starchegate concept protects your brand and enables customer-engagement through the same operation.

Click here to see how it works:

Starckegate_scheme 6_2019

Real time shelf life indicator

Real time shelf life indicator – securing food quality and reducing food waste

We are glad that we have been able to find a tight collaboration with the producer of Keep-it indicators. Tailor-made freshness-indicators that enhance the quality of the product you offer, and equaly reduce foodwaste, sometimes even up to 60%







Tailor made

  • Each Keep-it has a specific shelf life profile tailor made and developed for each product group based on microbiological tests
  • Keep-it has developed indicators for several product groups (chilled, freeze-thaw, frozen)

Attached at production line

  • The indicator is attached to the food package at the end of the production line (labelling area)
  • Keep-it applicators designed, built and sold by Keep-it

Indication of actual shelf life

  • Keep-it shows actual shelf life of the product in real time – based on the temperature the product is exposed to over time
  • Securing food quality and reducing food waste

Quality-printing: Rigoni di Asiago

One of Italians top-quality companies, Rigoni di Asiago, makes top-quality products. Honey, marmelade, choco-paste.

Their packaging therefore requires the same.

in close collaboration with our partner Ekaflex:         working on it!

Interactive Devices

For client Pea Promoplast, Italy, we developed a prototype of an interactive toy. Our know-how based on interactive packaging leads to new requests for applications also outside of our traditional field.

Clients expess they appreciate our technical approach, as they understand we work in a carefull way.

Every new item leads to an increase in our experience, our know-how and to our data-base of reliable partners and their production-infrastucture.

‘Interactieve Verpakkingen kunnen nu gelanceerd worden!’

De Finse producent van anti-counterfeiting-labels, Starcke Oy, is er van overtuigd: interactieve verpakkingen kunnen nu de markt op! Of beter nog: het is nù de tijd.

Starcke ontwikkelde voor de Finse uitgever AlmaMedia een interactieve kartonnen koffiebeker. Zodoende konden de bezoekers aan het Jazz-festival in het Finse Pori zich op het festivalterrein zonder problemen op internet begeven. Dit Jazz-festival is èèn van de grootste festivals ter wereld, maar het concept werkte zonder enig probleem! Starcke ontwikkelde de techniek om de tags onzichtbaar in het karton te verwerken.

Deze, en andere ervaringen, bevestigen eigenaar Ari-Veli Starcke in zijn overtuiging: nù is het de tijd voor voedselproducenten om ook tags in te gaan zetten.

Ari-Veli Starcke treedt op als spreker op de conferentie mbt Big Data & Interactive Packaging, georganiseerd door Across-consult op 29 september in Oss. Hij zal daar nader uitleggen hoe e.e.a. te werk gaat en welke mogelijkheden hij ziet!

Inschrijving voor de conferentie is mogelijk via

Interactivite Packaging becomes reality

After many newstopics on the interactive packaging being around the corner, now, finally, interactive packaging becomes a reality. Barilla is first-mover as you may read from this article (in Dutch):

Come and be updated on latest development to our conference: