About Across

Across identifies your product needs and enhances your reach. Whether you are looking to innovate your products, upgrade your marketing or expand your business, Across can help you to achieve your goals by providing scalable solutions. We feel it is our task to enhance your product and are therefore continuously researching quality products and innovations that can promote your business

What we do

Across offers hands-on business support, management consultancy, strategic advice and technical consultancy to companies active in the packaging and FMCG industry

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Based on over 17 years of experience in the industry it is our pleasure to assist you in finding the right solutions for the future. With our network across 5 continents and our business partners around the globe, we can help you in sourcing, developing, producing and delivering the right solutions for your business and products. From traditional to innovative new possibilities, it is our pleasure to help you develop and reach your desired goal

Our initial experience was developed in packaging; from this solid basis we developed a partnerships in packaging design, developers of packaging machinery and interactivity-experts.

The combination of these know-hows are combined with a vision which is translated in the Across-Business Group, in which you find partnes with offices based in Switzerlands, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy and UAE and with business-developers for Europe and Middle-East




Please contact us at:    

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We believe that care, attention, integrity and long-term personal relationships are important assets in a fast changing world. Whether you need to begin or increase sales, set up production or undertake an acquisition, we have the experience, the network and the team to help you reach your goals faster, cheaper and with fewer business risks

Since 2008 these values are expressed in our simple slogan:  …..because we care

Across-consult is proud to be able to support the following projects: